Halloween is almost here, so why not spread some fun Halloween Cheer. This year more than ever we need ways to spread a little joy. This fun Halloween activity has been around a while and we thought we’d share a little twist on how you can BOO your neighbor with some fun treats and Sincere Surroundings Decor!

Keep reading to find out how it works.


You’ve Been Booed Printable Tags (FREE image to print below)
+ Bag or basket to put your treats in
+ A few favorite treats—Ideas of things to include:
+ Halloween Candy
+ Anything Orange, Purple, Green, or Black to fill your basket
+ Halloween Decor of your choosing – we recommend Sincere Surroundings Halloween Petite Hanging Accents!

What you put in your basket is totally up to you! This is a great time to get your kiddos involved and let them pick out a few items to include.

Once your treats are all ready to go be sure to add a copy of the instructions sheet and the “We’ve been booed” sign. Secretly place the basket on your neighbor’s doorstep, ring the doorbell, and run away as fast as you can! Keep a lookout for Boo Signs as they pop up on doors and windows. It’s so exciting to watch the Halloween cheer spread.

PS: You could also do this in your stores as a Prize Drawing Gift. Spend $50 get your name in the drawing for our BOO Bucket, so many fun ways to spread some Spooktacular Cheer!